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Since 2006, We, Sevensocks CO., Ltd, as socks manufacture in ZheJiang, China, has been achieving very strong experience in a variety of hoseries, including 3D print socks, Baby's socks, Children's socks, Men's socks, women's socks, Jacquard socks, Peds(No Show and Invisible), Terry socks, Sports socks, Cozy socks, Fluffy socks, Sweater socks, Brushing line, Stockings, Tights, Leggings, Non slip socks. Our factory owns many professional socks machines, and has got BSCI, WRAP certified and passed Wal-Mart audit. Our Europe, USA and Japan customers trust us as we always meet their testing and quality requirement, and delivery requests.......

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Five industry standards including "Technical Requirements for Cotton Processing Intel...

News source: InternetRecently, the National Cotton Processing Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 407) organized and drafted "Technical Requirements for Intelligent Control System for Cotton Processing", "Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Rapid Determination of Impurity Content in Seed Cotton", and "Quality Evaluation of Cotton Packaging Material Processing Enterprises" Five industry standards, "Methods", "Technical Requirements for Processing Cotton Packaging Materials", and "Gear Milling Machines" have been issued and will be formally implemented on October 1, 2021 (China National Supply and Marketing Cooperative Announcement No. 3 of 2021).The GH/T 1338—2021 "Technical Requirements for Cotton Processing Intelligent Control System" industry standard regulates the main technical requirements of online detection technology, control technology, and information technology in the cotton processing intelligent control system, and solves the problem of informatization and informatization in the cotton processing process in China. The "bottleneck" problem of low level of intelligence is of great significance to cotton processing to improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, and to truly realize "allocation of cars due to flowers".GH/T 1337-2021 "Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Rapid Determination of Impurity Content in Seed Cotton" industry standard regulates the rapid detection method of plant impurity content in seed cotton, and provides a scientific and effective method for improving the efficiency of detection of plant impurity in seed cotton.The industry standard of GH/T 1339-2021 "Quality Evaluation Specification for Cotton Packaging Material Processing Enterprises" stipulates the evaluation principles, evaluation indicators, evaluation methods, evaluation grades, and evaluation procedures for the quality evaluation of cotton packaging material processing enterprises. It is applicable to government departments and industries. The evaluation of the quality of cotton packaging processing enterprises by the association and third-party evaluation agencies can also be used for self-evaluation by enterprises, which can provide a basis for evaluating cotton packaging material processing enterprises. This standard fills the gap in the quality evaluation standards for cotton packaging material processing enterprises in China, and is of great significance for effectively measuring the quality level and quality management capabilities of enterprises, clarifying subsequent improvement directions, improving product quality, building China's cotton packaging material brand, and promoting industry progress. .The GH/T 1340-2021 "Technical Requirements for the Processing of Cotton Packaging Materials" industry standards stipulate the processing requirements, process monitoring requirements and inspection requirements of cotton packaging materials. It is applicable to cotton packaging material processing enterprises for cotton packaging polyester strapping and cotton packaging. The processing of polyethylene bagging, cotton packaging pure cotton packaging bags and galvanized steel wire for cotton packaging provides a technical basis for standardizing the processing of cotton packaging materials. This standard fills the gap in the technical requirements for cotton packaging material processing in China, and is of great significance for improving the product quality of cotton packaging material processing enterprises, standardizing the cotton packaging product market, and promoting the healthy development of the industry.The revision of the GH/T 1188-2021 "Gear Milling Machine" industry standard has improved the technical level of China's gear milling machines, promoted the recycling of fleece saw blades, and reduced processing costs for cotton processing enterprises, which plays a very important role.

Relevant departments may take measures to prevent the stockpile of reserve cotton

News source: InternetIt is reported that in order to maintain the stability of the domestic cotton market and meet the cotton demand of textile enterprises, relevant departments are studying and adopting measures to prevent the hoarding and speculation of the central reserve cotton released this time and ensure the effect of investment and storage. Textile companies must participate in bidding based on actual production capacity and reasonable demand. The purchased cotton reserves are strictly limited to the company's own use, and must not be resold or hoarded for speculation. Otherwise, they will be punished accordingly if they are discovered.Despite the slight reduction in domestic cotton production this year, coupled with the initial industrial and commercial inventory, the rotation and release of reserve cotton, and the import of cotton, they can fully make up for the gap in production and demand, and the domestic market is generally sufficient for cotton supply. Recently, domestic cotton prices, especially the purchase price of new cotton, have soared, which is unreasonable.Once again remind the majority of cotton-related entities to pay close attention to the accumulated risks and not blindly chase the rise.


The cotton problem needs to find a balance. Expert: The purchasing and storage policy...

News source: InternetThe annual meeting of the China Textile Round Table Forum with the theme of "Overcoming Difficulties and Seeking Development" was held in Beijing today. At the meeting, many experts and scholars discussed and exchanged views on the status quo of cotton development and the purchasing and storage system.A balance should be found between the income of cotton farmers and domestic and international cotton pricesGao Fang, executive vice president and secretary-general of the China Cotton Association, said at the meeting that cotton purchasing and storage is a key word, but this year it is more important to study and discuss cotton purchasing and storage policies, because under the current situation, the cotton market has become Since each country controls a market, policies, especially purchasing and storage policies that play an important role in cotton production, are particularly important.Zhu Beina, president of the China Cotton Textile Industry Association, also said that last year’s purchasing and storage policies made the development of the industry more difficult, but it is more gratifying that the development of the textile industry is healthy, which fully reflects the strong vitality of Chinese cotton spinning enterprises. In addition, the purchasing and storage policies are also Let cotton farmers all over the world get benefits. She believes that China's textile demand for cotton is multifaceted, and different companies have different needs, so the development of cotton is of great importance.Gao Fang also said that the purchasing and storage policy has been implemented for more than two years and has achieved good results. Last year, the domestic cotton price fell by 20%, and the international market cotton price fell by 42% during the same period. The policy played a supporting role. But on the other hand, the current data on cotton production has led to the need to adjust cotton production in the country. The interests of cotton farmers are guaranteed, but the business of cotton merchants and circulation companies is not doing well.Kailin Mao, China Director of the International Cotton Association of the United States, said that when studying cotton, we must pay attention to every end of the entire supply chain. Among them, consumers are the most important, and export is an important factor that affects whether or how much cotton is grown. , And said that the global cotton industry is sensitive to cotton and is concerned about China’s policies.It should be noted that purchasing and storage policies are not sustainableRegarding future cotton development and policies, Zhu Beina predicts that from the current point of view, we may continue to purchase and store this year. We must take care of both the cotton farmers and the textile industry. Comprehensive consideration should be given so that the policies can be relatively comparative. comprehensive. At the same time, the most important thing is to realize the transformation of the textile industry, which involves the issue of capital investment.Yang Shibin, assistant to the chairman of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, also believes that this year’s policy may be more biased towards continuing temporary storage. It has now reached 85%, and there is still two months until the purchasing and storage is complete. He estimated that this number may be Reach 90%. In this regard, Gao Fang also believes that purchasing and storage policies are not sustainable and should be studied fundamentally. In addition, from the perspective of reducing production costs and improving the benefits of scientific and technological cotton planting, it is not feasible to rely on purchasing and storage policies for a long time.Gao Fang suggested that by stopping replenishment for cotton farmers, using turnover inventory, reducing logistics costs, adjusting macro-control, especially import quotas, and issuing methods, giving enterprises more autonomy, establishing a national cotton modern logistics development plan, and supporting China. The cotton production adopts some policies and other methods to adjust the development of the cotton industry. Gao Fang hopes that a flexible and floating policy can be established to find a balance between the total cost of farmers, domestic cotton prices, and international cotton prices, and solve China's passive situation.But will it be sustainable next? Gao Fang believes that it is very difficult. On the one hand, the government has to face the pressure of production costs. In terms of warehouse capacity, the government has prepared a warehouse of 4 million tons this year. The cotton warehouse has been used up and it is still not enough. It is also a question of whether the textile enterprises will buy it or not. Kailin Mao also said that the cotton industry should be a comprehensive and healthy development of the supply chain, not only to develop markets and policies, but also to communicate more and have a real way to solve problems, not to forget consumers, but to look farther.

Five cotton industry standards will be officially implemented on October 1st

News source: Internet"Technical Requirements for Intelligent Control System for Cotton Processing", "Near Infrared Spectroscopy Method for Rapid Determination of Impurity Content in Seed Cotton", "Quality Evaluation Method for Cotton Packaging Material Processing Enterprises" centralized and drafted by the National Cotton Processing Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 407) , "Technical Requirements for Processing Cotton Packaging Materials" and "Gear Milling Machines" 5 industry standards were officially released and will be formally implemented on October 1, 2021 (China National Supply and Marketing Cooperative Announcement No. 3 of 2021).Since mid-August, the Cotton Industry Branch of the China Cotton Association has carried out an online "Every Monday Standard" standard publicity and implementation activity, systematically and detailedly interpret the content of the standard, fully understand the technical indicators of each standard, master the implementation and application process of the standard, and improve The implementation effect of the standard.The significance of the five industry standards:The GH/T 1338—2021 "Technical Requirements for Cotton Processing Intelligent Control System" industry standard regulates the main technical requirements of online detection technology, control technology, and information technology in the cotton processing intelligent control system, and solves the problem of informatization and informatization in the cotton processing process in China. The "bottleneck" problem of low level of intelligence is of great significance to cotton processing to improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, and to truly realize "allocation of cars due to flowers".GH/T 1337-2021 "Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Rapid Determination of Impurity Content in Seed Cotton" industry standard regulates the rapid detection method of plant impurity content in seed cotton, and provides a scientific and effective method for improving the efficiency of detection of plant impurity in seed cotton.GH/T 1339-2021 "Quality Evaluation Method for Cotton Packaging Material Processing Enterprises" industry standard stipulates the evaluation principles, evaluation indicators, evaluation methods, evaluation grades, and evaluation procedures for the quality evaluation of cotton packaging material processing enterprises. It is applicable to government departments and industries. The evaluation of the quality of cotton packaging processing enterprises by the association and third-party evaluation agencies can also be used for self-evaluation by enterprises, which can provide a basis for evaluating cotton packaging material processing enterprises. This standard fills the gap in the quality evaluation standards for cotton packaging material processing enterprises in China, and is of great significance for effectively measuring the quality level and quality management capabilities of enterprises, clarifying subsequent improvement directions, improving product quality, building China's cotton packaging material brand, and promoting industry progress. .The GH/T 1340-2021 "Technical Requirements for the Processing of Cotton Packaging Materials" industry standards stipulate the processing requirements, process monitoring requirements and inspection requirements of cotton packaging materials. It is applicable to cotton packaging material processing enterprises for cotton packaging polyester strapping and cotton packaging. The processing of polyethylene bagging, cotton packaging pure cotton packaging bags and galvanized steel wire for cotton packaging provides a technical basis for standardizing the processing of cotton packaging materials. This standard fills the gap in the technical requirements for cotton packaging material processing in China, and is of great significance for improving the product quality of cotton packaging material processing enterprises, standardizing the cotton packaging product market, and promoting the healthy development of the industry.The revision of the GH/T 1188-2021 "Gear Milling Machine" industry standard has improved the technical level of China's gear milling machines, promoted the recycling of fleece saw blades, and reduced processing costs for cotton processing enterprises, which plays a very important role.

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